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Clarified Textus Receptus,™
the 1550 Stephanus
and 1525 Ben Chayyim
- 2019 Mickelson (ברמיכאל).

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Mickelson Clarified Translation®
(the MCT Bible)

In-depth research to verify the truth of a matter.

Concept for concept,
Context for context,
Word for word.®

MCT — Mickelson Clarified Translation

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The PlowShare Mission— to bring the English-speaking person to the Word of God:

1) An Advanced Interlinear

—To bring the disciple to the Word of God by providing a stepping stone from English to the Greek and Hebrew text of the Holy Scriptures, through the use of online and printed interlinears.

Status: The Mickelson Clarified Interlinear New Testament has been published, and also the MCT Concordance.
The Old Testament Interlinear is available online. The first three chapters of Genesis are included as a Prelude in each of the MCT New Testament print formats (Scholar, Scribe, and Interlinear).

2) Vocabulary Reconcilation

—To update, correct, and enhance the Strong's Greek and Hebrew Dictionaries.

Status: The Mickelson Clarified Dictionary of New Testament Greek has been published. The preceding compilation, the "Mickelson's Hilkiah Edition Greek and Hebrew Dictionaries," was adopted for national use by the Thailand Bible Society via special editions of "theWord" bible software. The first compilation, the "Mickelson's Enhanced Strong's Dictionaries," is in use world-wide through an exclusive agreement with "theWord" bible software from Greece.

3) A Clarified Translation

—To create an English reference translation that is consistent within the concept, context, and construct of the Scripture.

Status: The Mickelson Clarified Scholar New Testament has been published (also in Large Print) for daily reading and congregational use. It is in paragraph format and is intended for continual year-round daily reading and application. (The first edition of the MCT Old Testament has been published for private use and is 71% reconciled for its English-Hebrew vocabulary).

The translation is "Concept for concept, Context for context, and Word for word."®

The Mickelson Clarified Professor New Testament is a special edition in the same format as the Scholar edition, but also containing parsing information (just as in the Interlinear but still in the Scholar paragraph format). It serves those who cannot yet recognize the Greek characters but still want the fullest amount of insight that the parsing information provides. Easy to carry to any Bible study.